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This little tool produces load on the CPU core(s) in the priority you want. You can specify the process priority as well as the thread priority and the thread count, to fully stress multi-core CPUs.
If you start SmartCPUStress without parameters, it will create a Normal process with 1 Lowest thread.

To change this, use the following startup parameters:
/? Display the parameter list help dialog
pprio= Set the process priority:
++ (High)
+ (Above normal)
Normal is the default
- (Below Normal)
-- (Idle)
tprio= Set the thread priority (applies to all threads):
++ (High)
+ (Above normal)
. (Normal)
- (Below Normal)
Lowest is the default
/threads= Sets the number of threads to create. 1 is the default.

SmartCPUStress.exe /pprio=- /tprio=- /threads=2
creates a process with Lower priority that has 2 threads with Lower priority each.

The interface shows you,
  • the current process priority
  • the current thread priority
  • the number of active threads inside SmartCPUStress
  • how many cores have been found on your CPU
  • an indicator, how high the own CPU load is currently over all cores.

Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Download (Aktuelle Version: 1.1.0)
(No installation required. Copy to a folder and start.)
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